Mike Duncan  Acoustic Duo / Trio

If you  like the style, sound and song list  of my Acoustic Solo Show, you will LOVE the Mike Duncan Acoustic Duo / Trio. Adding extra instruments, extra voices, and camaraderie adds to the quality and entertainment value. Depending upon musician availability, the venue, the needs of the gig and the budget, I can be booked as a Duo or a Trio, using these musicians:

Mike Duncan…… Acoustic guitar, vocals









…..I have been playing music since I was a kid and I can’t decide what I like better: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass or drums. My solution? ….Play in several  bands so that I can play them all.


I supplement my music income with a career in nursing….it makes paying for kids’ college and the mortgage a lot easier!


The songs/artists are the same as in my Solo show, but with added variety  that Nathan  sings and brings to the group (click here to see the MIKE DUNCAN SOLO page)




Nathan Duncan….Acoustic guitar,

                                 mandolin, vocals,








…..Nathan is Mike's son and has been playing professional gigs since age 15.  


Nathan brings an interesting and eclectic song selection to our duo...from Mumford and Sons and Avett Brothers to Beatles, Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers.


Besides playing duo gigs with Mike, he also plays solo gigs.  His song list is a mixture of oldies rock classics and newer music from folk rock and Indie groups. (you know, the "hip" stuff kids dig at Bonaroo).  Call Nathan directly if you would like to book him as a solo (859-653-8843)


He is working on his Bachelors in Fine Art (BFA) in Illustration at the Art Academy of Cincinnati  in Over The Rhine. He is an awesome artist. He  LOVES AAC and LOVES O.T.R.







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