Many of you may know me as the Drummer/Singer for the PROST band ….which is still a working band, but  Gerhard and I are branching-out from PROST and doing other projects. I still very much enjoy the energy, camaraderie and success of PROST, but frankly I miss playing guitar & there are many songs that I would like to play which wouldn’t necessarily fit into the format of a typical PROST gig.


Various Mike Duncan Music Projects include:




Acoustic SOLO


" I always prefer to play with 'the Boyz' but sometimes....budgets and space call for a soloist...."



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Acoustic DUO / TRIO


Covers of many different styles and artists with Nathan's vocals, mandolin,  guitar and musical tastes added

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Variety of Dance Music

(perfect for weddings)


Motown, R&B, Oldies Rock, Funk and Jazz standards


Steven Mutter Trio 

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    German-American Party Band


PROST_Chicken Dance-Folsom Prison Polka
PROST_Wagon Wheel
PROST_Hey Baba Reba - E-i-O
PROST_Roll Out the Barrell - Ein PROSIT

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Our P.A. system can be as small or as BIG as needed for the size of the venue.


Call 859-512-7291 or email: